Choosing the Right Pool Liner

By Marina Sarabia May 14, 2019

Choosing the Right Pool Line

Choosing the Right Pool Line

You may have spent a ton of time finding the perfect pool for your family – inground, outground, round, oval, egg-shaped, bean-shaped. But how about your pool liner? Manufacturer of pool liners, LOOP-LOC, shares expert advice for choosing a pool liner.

Careful with color

The color of your liner will set the vibe for your backyard. You can go the conservative route or get something a little more flashy and unique. The most popular liner tends to be blue, but other colors, like tan and aqua, are also a solid option. By determining your color of choice first, you can save a lot of time narrowing down your pool liner options. Remember, as your pool deepens, this will also affect how the color looks. Just like in the ocean, the deeper the water goes, the less detail you’ll be able to see, which means your liner pattern will be showcased the best near your pool stairs and shallow end of your pool.

Pick your pattern

Regardless of the color you choose, there will be plenty of patterns available to select. You can choose more subtle patterns that mimic natural stones, marbles, granite, etc. or there are more luxurious options that even incorporate metallic or shimmering ink. Be mindful of when a tile pattern is featured at the top of liners, as this needs to coordinate well with the surrounding pool area and other backyard elements.

Perform proper maintenance

 Once you’ve found the perfect pool liner, it’s incredibly important to perform proper maintenance to extend the lifetime of your liner.  This way you can enjoy it for as long as possible. You should consistently be checking the chemicals in your pool. Ensuring all is balanced to avoid any damage to your pool liner. Imperfections like cracks or tears can allow water to seep through and ruin your liner. You should also be wary of any sharp objects or toys near the pool, as those can easily damage your pool liner.

Source: LOOP-LOC

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*Carefful with too much chemicals, not only to care of your liner but for health reasons. For more information about pool homes in Sunrise, Fl and Fort Lauderdale contact Marina or Kathleen at 954-914-8060.

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