Upgrades That Boost Your Home’s Value and Enjoyment

By marina-sarabia April 17, 2018

Upgrades That Boost Your Home’s Value and Enjoyment

Upgrades That Boost Your Home’s Value and Enjoyment
(Family Features)–A home is often a family’s single largest asset, so making investments with upgrades and home improvements is almost always a good idea. However, knowing when and where to make those improvements isn’t necessarily a simple decision. Budget and space most often dictate the direction, but keeping function and your lifestyle needs in mind can help create a space that makes for an all-around smart investment.

Add technology in unexpected places. With the surge in smart devices, it’s becoming increasingly common to add technology throughout the house, and the bathroom is no exception. From heated floors to mirrors with embedded TV screens, the options are plentiful. A bathroom outfitted with the latest technology can bring function and a whole new level of style and elegance to your home.

Go green for the earth and savings. Appliances and climate control systems are often the first features homeowners consider when it comes to environmentally friendly upgrades, but windows and window treatments are another way to make a big impact. In a similar vein, skylights are a surprisingly affordable upgrade for the functionality and aesthetic benefits they provide, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where ventilation is as important as ample lighting. You can give your lighting and home value a boost with an Energy Star-qualified option.

Bathroom Upgrades That Boost Your Home’s Value and Enjoyment

(*)When making plans for redoing the bathroom. Changing location of major components can be costly, because of plumbing, electrical and permits. But changing toilet seats, towel racks, shower doors, vanity, flooring, light fixtures and painting can make you love your bathroom all over again.

(*)Create outdoor living space for all year long.  You may be able to create additional living space in an area you already have – outdoors. Even small patio spaces can become cozy gathering spots with the right furnishings and decor. For a larger yard, create destinations that make it comfy to congregate, such as a fire pit or grouping of chairs with overstuffed cushions.

This is another area where climate will play an important role in your plans; adding an enclosure to a patio can make it usable during all but the coldest months, while a pergola can lend necessary relief to an area that bakes in the sun.

Add curb appeal. While you’re considering the upgrade options outdoors, don’t forget to think about your home’s exterior appearance. Reworking landscaping to highlight architectural features and freshening up paint can make a big impact. Adding decorative elements like shutters or new lighting or doors can also update a tired exterior.

(*) Here is South Florida. having a few basic gardening tools to prune yourself once in awhile is a necessity, it can be fun and make your home’s curb appeal more appealing.

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