Events in Fort Lauderdale | Pablo Picasso is in the House

By marina-sarabia July 31, 2015

Events in Fort Lauderdale | Pablo Picasso is in the HouseTo many, the epitome of 20-century art is the infamous Pablo Picasso. This week’s event in Fort Lauderdale takes us to the NSU Art Museum located at 1 East Las Olas Boulevard. Lucky us, all Broward County residents and visitors alike, are privy to his collection of “Painted Ceramics and Works on Paper” from the years 1931 to 1971.

The collection includes 72 modern day works of art including 14 etchings. Many of these items are owned by the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale while others are on loan from world wide collectors.

A bit of background on Pablo Ruiz Y Picasso includes the following:

He was born in Spain in 1881.

He spent most of his adult life, working as a painter and sculpture. He also designed theatrical stages in addition to being a poet and playwright.

Along with Georges Braque he co-founded the art form of collage; Assembling magazine, ribbons, paint, newspaper clippings, and other art items to create a new image.

Sadness and nostalgia are reflected in his early works. These emotions are obvious to any atten[mortgage mortgage_term=”30″]ding this event in Fort Lauderdale. This sentiment, it is said were brought about by the death of his seven-year-old sister.

Picasso’s artistic life is divided into several periods, including the blue and rose periods. The former is an era of somber paintings rendered in the shade of blue and blue-green. The rose period, the complete opposite on the color wheel involved an optimistic view of life and uses the joyfilled colors of orange and pink.

From the years 1907-1909 the artist was influenced by African lifestyles followed by his infamous cabins and finally the crystal period for the years of 1915-1917.

Pablo Picasso is best known for his creation of cubism art.

Public Y Ruiz Picasso led a colorful life. This is profoundly evident in this week’s event in Fort Lauderdale and his artistic explosion presented at the NSU Art Museum.

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