Event in Fort Lauderdale | Black Friday Shopping

By marina-sarabia November 27, 2015

Event in Fort Lauderdale | Black Friday ShoppingEvent in Fort Lauderdale | Black Friday Shopping

I have been curious about Black Friday. So I put my digits to the keypad to conduct some research. When did this shopping extravaganza, this pumped up event in Fort Lauderdale commence? Is it an official holiday? How did this day after Thanksgiving get its name? Are we the sole country on the planet that includes this shopping day of pure madness on her calendar.

Let me reveal what I found out…

Black Friday, now known to many a retailer (and their prospective banks!) as the start of the holiday season was born on the fourth Friday in November. It started way back in the early 2000’s  but got fully ingrained in our physique in the year 2005.

Black Friday is not officially a holiday in America. However many a state, including California, observe this as a state holiday for government employees instead of Columbus Day. They say all things originate on the west coast so wait, dear reader as Black Friday most certainly will become this type of official event in Fort Lauderdale.

So how in the world did the name Black Friday come about?

There are two stories.

It started In Philadelphia, where the streets were a mass with hearty vehicle traffic and a frenzy of pedestrians. The skies were black, cold and gray.

Word on the street also reveals that to many a retailer, whose bank balances are in the red the entire year found that on this one particular day the sun shone, the store registers blew out smoke from the over use and this one single day the switch is flipped from a red bank balance to black.

Hallelujah plays in the background.

And the retail euphoria spread. Black Friday is now “celebrated” in Canada, Mexico, Romania, India, France and the United Kingdom.

So that is it in a nutshell about this shopping  event in Fort Lauderdale called Black Friday.

I am signing off now and wish all a Happy Thanksgiving… Gobble…Gobble.

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