Coral Heights Update

By marina-sarabia December 22, 2015

Coral Heights Real Estate Update 2015


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As the year comes to a close here is the update for Coral Heights in the City of Oakland Park, Florida. Like many a city along the eastern coast of the United States many cities merge into others, so while technically Coral Heights is located in the city of Oakland Park, it is better known as a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. The map I have included will explain all.

There were twelve homes that sold in the Coral Heights area this past year. As always, as the year comes to an end, a few others might slip into the list. There is a simple reason for these additional units sold: homestead.

Briefly, to gain this real estate tax advantage, you must be the legal owner of your primary property by December 31. More information from the Broward County property appraiser’s office can be found here.

Address Bedrooms/Baths Listed Price ($) Final Sale Price ($)
4100 NE 15th Ter 5/3 $650,000 $625,000
4131 NE 16th Ave 3/2 $549,900 $520,000
1510 NE 48 Ct 3/2 $525,000 $511,000
1540 NE 48 Ct 3/2 $495,000 $450,000
4370 NE 15th Ave 4/3 $479,900 $462,280
4220 NE 16 Ter 3/2 $459,000 $433,000
4040 NE 16 Ave 3/2 $449,000 $439,000
3960 NE 16 Ave 3/2 $429,990 $425,000
4020 NE 16 Ave 3/2 $350,000 $350,000
4041 NE 16 Ter 2/2 $349,900 $349,900
4750 NE 13 Ter 3/2 $316,900 $318,675 (foreclosure)
4120 NE 16 Ter 3/2 $249,999 $320,000 (short sale)

Currently, there are twelve single family homes for sale in Coral Heights including a three bedroom and two bathroom pool home. This property offers 1,665  square feet living area and is listed for sale at $369,000. Looking for another bedroom, a three bedroom and three bathroom home is on offer. This home includes two master suites.

Kathleen and I welcome the opportunity to work with you in the Coral Heights area of Oakland Park. We can be contacted at 954.914.8056, 954.914.8060 or here.

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