Weekend Event-Coffee in Fort Lauderdale

By marina-sarabia May 29, 2015

Coffee Event Fort LauderdaleWeekend Event-Coffee in Fort Lauderdale -Saturday, May 30th  – 6pm

There is no better way to start off the day than with a cup of coffee in Fort Lauderdale, the elixir of the morning Gods, the heavenly notes of a bright sunny day and the necessary pick me up on many a morning. Coffee is the gas in my tank, the end of my rainbow and allows me a quiet moment of reflection.

In the recent years, we all have been exposed to an insurmountable types of coffee. I often think someone should create a dictionary with all the terms, types and concoctions of coffee available. Truly the phrases bandied about are a language unto themselves.

Thanks to that corner shop, you know the one that begins with an “S”, coffee is now a mainstay for many an American. There are many competitors including Dunkin Donuts and other “Big Box Store” types. Why you can even savor a latte at the golden arches! Coffee in Fort Lauderdale has gone mainstream.

But lest we forget the mainstay to our economy, the corner shop where the proprietor works diligently at his business insuring the best brew is available for his patrons.

Now on to this weekend event, a must-attend culinary delight.

The Art of  Coffee takes place this weekend on Saturday, May 30 at 6 pm.  Local “Java Houses” will present their wares for all to sample and taste test .This ultimate challenge takes place at 541 NW 1 Street , Fort Lauderdale in an area in front of the premises called “The Garden”.

To date, the following coffee houses will be participating in this event:

  • Brew Urban Cafe
  • Wells Coffee
  • The Seed
  • Subculture Coffee
  • Stache
  • Eternity Coffee Roasters
  • One Sun Emporium

Participants can sample coffee at this event and of course purchase the product. In addition, there will be a host of vendors including jewelry makers, bakers (yum) henna artists and more.
So my friends, support local businesses. Take a stroll down to 541 NW 1 Street this Saturday evening and sample the best coffee in Fort Lauderdale. By all means, let me know if you attend this extravaganza in the comment box below.

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