Commitment to Excellence


 Commitment to Excellence: “We suddenly found ourselves in a situation that demanded relocation of our family from St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with only 10 business days in which to complete this relocation. This situation is distressing enough for any family but ours is different as we have a special needs child and we needed everyone involved aware of how difficult this issue was critical to a successful relocation. Fortunately, our Real Estate Agent in St. Louis, Diane Freer, took it upon herself to screen and search out an agent in Fort Lauderdale area to work with us.

After a great effort on her part, she came back with one strong recommendation for an agent in Fort Lauderdale, Kathleen and Marina. We contacted them and were immediately impressed. Marina and Kathleen quickly reassured us that they would be able to work with our time frame and our family to find us the perfect home. They immediately put us in contact with a team of professionals to work towards loan commitment, securing insurance and title and closing preparation.

When we arrived, not only was our loan secured but Kathleen and Marina were more than prepared with properties to view. It only took two afternoons of looking to find a home we were pleased with but it would clearly not be easy deal to negotiate. Despite their best efforts to find us a vacant home, we were interested in a home occupied with a family that had five children, Marina and Kathleen convinced the seller’s agent that our offer was worth accepting in spite of the inconvenience and short notice involved.

This is when we really got to see exactly how experienced and skilled these two professionals are. Obstacles seemed to pop up constantly with this deal. Problems were found during the inspection, we had trouble finding an insurance agent willing to write a policy on the property, the sellers and their agent were difficult when trying to negotiate a fair agreement concerning roof leaks that were discovered and to top it off a $35,000 lean was discovered on the property only three days before closing.

We feel confident in saying that without Kathleen and Marina, this deal would have missed the closing date or fallen through completely. Thus leaving our family with our special needs son scrambling for a place to live as our home in St Louis was already sold and timing was critical. However,they systematically attacked each problem we encountered and would not accept “no”, “I cant’t” or “it isn’t possible” as an answer. They not only conquered every challenge  presented but prevented additional problems by negotiating cash back at the closing table for new damage found during the final walk through. Marina and Kathleen commitment to excellence and dedication to us as clients was unmistakable through this entire process.

It was a blessing to our family that Kathleen and Marina were our agents through this process. We feel very fortunate to have worked with them. Their extreme professionalism and commitment to excellence has earned our loyal business.”

— Luke Penny and Thomas Wilson, Buyer and Seller -2 times customer.