Making Sure Your Central Air Unit is Ready for Action

By marina-sarabia July 14, 2017

Making Sure Your Central Air Unit is Ready for Action

Making Sure Your Central Air Unit is Ready for Action

As temperatures rise, our thermostats get lowered. Make sure your Central Air Unit system is up for the challenge with some simple maintenance checks from Baltimore-based Winstar Home Services.

Replace your air filters

Air filters work overtime in the winter, so be sure to replace your filters. Dirty air filters make your Central Air Unit system work harder than it needs to. This puts strain on the system, which can cause bigger issues and lead to higher utility bills.

Check and clear your unit’s drainage line

Most Central Air Unit units have a drainage line at the base of the cabinet. In order for the unit to run properly, the hole needs to be clear. To make sure the drainage line works properly, use a paper clip or a wire to ensure the hole is clear of any obstructions.

**Marina’s Tip: Buy a small water/air/blower vacuum system in Home Depot. It will be the best $30.00 you can will invest. Open the the drainage line once a month in both ends of the drainage and blow to the outside, vacuum from the inside of the unit**.  Tips for Healthier Homes

Check your duct work for issues

Your home’s duct work, or ventilation system, can often be the cause of poorly distributed air, which means you’re spending more money on cool air that isn’t making its way into your house. Check for leaky connections and return vents, damaged or fallen insulation, and ensure your vents (both incoming and outgoing) are not blocked or obstructed by rugs or furnishings.

Test your unit 

Turn on your AC and let in run briefly to see how it performs. If there are any problems, address them right away.

Make sure you conduct these tests before temperatures hit their peak.

SOURCE: Winstar Home Services

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