Fun things to do in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

By marina-sarabia September 26, 2014

Fun things to do in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Located in Broward County in Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a metropolitan city that is regarded as the most important city in the Southern Florida Metropolitan region. Having 23 miles of beach front, Fort Lauderdale has earned the honor as one of the most appealing locations for beach fun and water-related sporting activities.

Allow me to share the top things Tourists and vacationers do for fun in this beautiful City:Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.01.31 AMBeach fun

Fort Lauderdale won’t be known if not for the beautiful beaches that make it a unique haven. Bars along the coastline provide palatable meals, wine blends, and also social interactions. You can play with the fine white sands and take part in water sports. The crystal clean water atmosphere of the coast is fascinating enough for splashing.

Wild life

Providing you with nature and its animal species is an activity that is recommended for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts – nature peeking at the Everglades National Reserve. About 1.5 million acres of land which comprise of swamps, prairies and sub-tropical forest. The composition of different ecosystems made it a suitable habitat for rare endangered wild animal species. It will be an opportunity to see different types of animals including Florida Panther and America Crocodile.


If you love betting and gambling, Fort Lauderdale has been one of the favorite locations for legal Gambling. Gulf-stream Park and Casino – a state approved racino where casino and horse racing game can be played for fun.


Observing the sky at night is interesting particularly when you’re looking at heavenly bodies as if they are within your reach. Get an extra-ordinary sensation as you observe planets, stars, as well as other heavenly resources that flashes and glitter the night sky through the Buehler Planetarium & Observatory.


Another treasure within Fort Lauderdale is the Hidden Woods Nature Center. Located on Dania beach, it is an integral part of the Broward County Parks System. It features nature paths and butterfly reserve where one can experience nature in its oneness. It is a cool spot that displays the natural beauty of the Southern Florida region.

Yacht viewing and yachting

Been the Yachting Capital of the World, it prides itself to be home of the International Boat Exhibition. This yearly event attracts lots of crowds globally to witness and watch beauties converge on its waters. It is an exceptional chance for yacht fans and lovers to see the most sophisticated as well as most expensive yachts aligned together in one unique competition.

Fort Lauderdale is among South Florida’s leading tourist hot spots. If you are look forward to visiting these spots or perhaps thinking of residing close to these attractions centers, Fort Lauderdale community welcome you with a warm embrace.