7 Interest Facts About July 4

By marina-sarabia July 3, 2015

7 Interest Facts About July 4 7 Interest Facts About July 4

It is that time of year again when we celebrate the birth of our nation. There are many events to attend in Fort Lauderdale, most notably the following all-day celebration held at  A1A and Las Olas Boulevard at Fort Lauderdale Beach. The events are as follows:

12:30-4:30 PM | Kids Zone Beach games, face painting, bounce houses

4:30- 5:45 PM |  Soul and Reggae Music by France and the Victory Riders

6:15-9:00 PM |  A tribute to the great Billy Joel presented by Turnstiles

9:00 PM  Let the fireworks begin over the Atlantic Ocean!

Today, I am taking a sidestep from my articles on Events In Fort Lauderdale. Today I am jazzy it up with a few tidbits about our country’s independence.

1.The greatest misconception takes place about the official date we received independence from the British Monarch. While we celebrate on the 4 July, the actual date was the 2 July. The Independence Date was published in newspapers July 4, thus the change in dates.

2. It took an entire month for the complete Continental Congress, a total o f 56 delegates, to sign off on the Declaration of Independence.

3. The first to sign this document was John Hancock, all after also put their own “John Hancock” on the documentation.

4. The year was 1777 when Americans began observing the July 4th event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

5. Our two founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both passed away on July 4 and both in the same year of 1826.

6. The song “God Bless America” sat in the closed closets of its composer Irving Berlin for more than 20 years. It was not until the onset of WWI when Kate Smith, a well-renowned singer of the time, requested a patriotic song to sing over the radio.

7.Our current flag was designed by a high school student in Lancaster, Ohio. The new flag included the last remaining states of Hawaii and Alaska and was officially adopted in 1960.

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July and see you at the beach.

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